Вместе мы сможем! “Единый народ, единая нация и единая страна”
В Папуа-Новой Гвинее (ПНГ) празднуют День Независимости!
Делимся с вами обращением Джеймса Марапе, Премьер-министра ПНГ:

«46 лет мы прожили и продолжаем жить как единый народ, единая нация и единая страна”. 2021 год – первый за всю историю, начиная с 1975 года, когда мы празднуем День Независимости 16 сентября без нашего отца-основателя, Великого Вождя, Сэра Майкла Томаса Сомаре.

Мы навсегда в долгу перед поколением Майкла Сомаре. Мы не должны это забывать и мы должны вновь поклясться, что мы будем жить как единый народ, единая нация и единая страна, от самой восточной оконечности нашей страны до западных ее границ, от южных морей до самого дальнего севера.

Уважение друг к другу приведет к тому, что наша страна станет лучше, и мы передадим следующему поколению лучшую страну, в которой будут равные возможности для всех детей, родившихся в ПНГ.


Наш лозунг “Вернуть ПНГ” состоит не в том, чтобы вернуть страну на несколько лет назад, а скорее в том, чтобы вырвать ее из рук “коррупции и самодовольства” и подготовиться к тому, чтобы наша экономика заботилась о нашей стране и о вас, всех моих людях. Эта мечта может быть достигнута гораздо быстрее, если мы станем уважать закон и друг друга уже сегодня.

Я также от имени всей моей страны хотел бы сказать “спасибо” всем бизнес сообществам и компаниям, работающим в стране. Вы работали над поддержанием нашей экономики, и мы ценим всех вас.

Вам не обязательно быть Премьер-министром, чтобы вносить в страну позитивные перемены, но каждый из вас может наполнить эту страну позитивной энергией и принести ей пользу, куда бы вас ни направил Бог. Найдите свое место в нашей стране и стройте нашу страну.

Да благословит Бог всех вас и нашу страну Папуа-Новую Гвинею.

Джеймс Марапе, ваш покорный слуга.»


Оригинал речи в полном объеме опубликован ниже

«Let me begin by thanking God Almighty, the only God of our country, for guiding us and providing care and sustenance throughout our progress as a nation.

As we pass through 2021, we stand at the cusp of a generational transition where founding fathers of our nation are passing on the political, public service, church, and community leadership to us – the generation of today.

This year 2021 will be the first since 1975 where we will celebrate September 16 without our founding national father, the Great Grand Chief, Sir Michael Thomas Somare.We also laid to rest our fifth Prime Minister and first indigenous Finance Secretary in Sir Mekere Morauta.

I ask you all now to pause a minute in respectful recollection of those who have gone before us, those whose life laid the foundational stones for our national unity. We children of today owe the Somare generation our forever gratitude. Lest we forget.

We will always remain grateful to Somare and his generation of leaders.

Many commentators have written our nation off in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s up till today, but we have proved to these doomsayers that we can live on.

We have survived the ancient age, the formative seventies, the exciting eighties, the testing nineties and the millennial controversies.

This has only proven that we can live through the test of time, solidified by our diversity like a Bilum of many colours, woven into one of great strength from its various fibres – indeed ‘one people, one nation, one country’.

We pledge today – or rather today we must re-pledge – that we will live on as one people, one nation, and one country, from the easternmost tip of sovereignty to the western borders; from the southern seas to the furthest north of our sovereignty, the home of our unity as ‘one people, one nation, one country.’

For this cause, I stand here today to re-pledge my fullest commitment. It is the same cause my generation of leaders have taken, and as announced in my maiden speech as your chief servant, when I was elected as Prime Minister on 30th May 2019.

Despite knowing that our economy was in tatters, with no new revenue on the horizon, and a rough and tough road in front, we claimed our destiny to be rich, stating our goal to be the ‘richest black Christian nation’ in 10 years, where we leave no one behind.

We want to liberate our people by reaching an economically-independent nationhood to sustain our political sovereignty and all people irrespective of tribe, religion or gender. We want to put PNG back on the right road to prosperity for all.

Yes, a nation blessed with one-third of world’s tropical rainforests that house 7 per cent of world’s biodiversity; a nation’s waters that has 20 to 30 per cent of world’s tuna catch; a nation that has the world’s fourth-biggest gold mine in Lihir and all other mining and hydrocarbon projects; all the 97% of land still owned by people are all reasons why we should and must be prosperous.

The Somare Generation saw that road for our national destination in 1975.

And in case you all forget, let me rephrase the destination they picked as depicted in PNG’s 8-Point National Plan of 1975 and the five National Goals and Directive Principles

8-Point National Plan:

Increase in control by proportion of economic control by Papua New Guineans;
Equal distribution of benefits;
Small-scale artisan activities;
Locally raised revenue;
Equal participation by women; and
Necessary government control and involvement.

Five National Goals and Directive Principles

Integral Human Development
Equality and Participation;
National Sovereignty and Self-Reliance;
National Resources and Environment; and
Papua New Guinea Ways

Our National Father, the Great Grand Chief Sir Michael Thomas Somare, again prophetically saw that we his children might wander off onto the wrong road filled with ‘pits and pot holes of corruption and complacency’ so in 2010, he recast our Nation’s Vision 2050 that states that PNG must be “smart, wise, fair and happy by 2050”.

In 2019, we revolted against permeated corruption, nepotism, greed, cronyism and engulfing complacency in both our ruling political and public service class of 2011 to 2018 and we formed Government to ‘Take Back PNG’ to put it back on the right 1975 road to take PNG forward towards a destination of equality, caring, sharing, and prosperity leaving no one behind.

That is why we put and have funded higher education loan program so parents aren’t burdened with school fees for universities and colleges;

That is why we have paid for 63 per cent of elementary to secondary school fees for all our children’s school fees and with COVID-19 induced hardship, we, the Government, will pay 100 per cent next year and onwards;

That is why we are offering free education to all children aged 13 to 30 who have left school at grades 8, 10 and 12 to continue education through Flexible Open Distance Education mode so that all of our young children out there can matriculate to Grade 12 so they can progress to colleges or universities or go into small to medium businesses as educated PNGeans;

That is why we put K200 million in 2020, another K200 million in 2021 and for the next eight years we will put similar amounts for low interest rate borrowings for our people to go into business;

That is why we are further supporting our rural farmers with price support and freight support to assist 80 per cent of you Papua New Guineans who live off your own land;

That is why we now building over 100 rural district and provincial roads all over our country to bring both our people and your produce to market, and we try to leave no place behind.

You are seeing roads punched into some of the remotest areas like Telefomin, Maramuni, Nuku, Karamui, Finschhafen, Sialum, Efore, Kimi, Menyama, Kaintiba, Ihu, Weom, Bubuleta, Rigo inland, Goilala, Kokoda Ioma, Kiriwina Island, Siasi island, Bogia , Erave Sembirigi Kikori – to name a few of the roads that our Government’s signature Connect PNG plans to develop in the next 20 years consistent with Vision 2050.

That is why the last two years, we paid over K700 million of outstanding contracts to contractors of roads, airports, ports and buildings that previous government gave but had not paid.

That is why we are now revisiting those places that missed out and are investing into new ports in Kavieng, Lorengau, Wewak, Popodetta, Vanimo, Kimbe, Buka and building a new international airport in Nadzab;

To ensure our economic environment is sustained with reliable and affordable power and communication, we are rolling out power and fiber optic while working with Judiciary for satellite connectivity;

For our health sector, we inherited a broken-down system with dilapidated infrastructure and COVID-19 pandemic exposed our vulnerabilities. However, that has made our determination to fix our country’s health system for the better, and we have stated that by 2025, my generation of leaders will deliver to our country 22 modern hospitals for our 21 provinces and Bougainville;

We attended to all our country’s recurrent and development needs through stabilizing our economy with responsible 2019, 2020 and 2021 money plans and we kept our country’s economy afloat in very-tough unprecedented times.

But we knew we must do better in our economy to sustain our country because despite our best efforts, our country’s needs remain bigger than our existing revenues. This compels us to push to our strong positions to take back more earnings from our natural resources I mentioned earlier.

That is why we took back from Porgera a far better deal where we will pass 40 per cent of our share to all land owners and sub-national governments, just like we passed 40 per cent of Eda Ranu to Koaris and Central /NCD, consistent with our Fathers’ 1975 views that we must decentralize and empower our people who are the resource owners;

That is why we are taking time going carefully over with our investors in other oil and gas projects and also the mining projects so that within provisions of law, we get our full entitlements. For we arrived into government to take back more from our resources;

That is why we reviewed Papua LNG and picked up additional benefits and are also working strongly on Pasca, Pandora and P’nyang gas fields as well as Wafi-Golpu mine where all negotiations are running parallel and it may seem slow today, but I cannot as your Prime Minister, enter into agreements that would not get more for our people and our country.

That’s why we have to sometimes have short-term pain for long term gain, so that in the long run, we don’t get leftovers but become real partners like in the New Porgera where we have assumed 51 per cent of equity. This sort of agreement brings us closer to our economic independence aspirations;

My dear people, my one people, the last two years were tough for all of us but your government is working with our ears and eyes on the ground with all of you, irrespective of age, gender, region or religion.

Our efforts to work hard for you all will not be wasted; my government is fighting corruption and complacency head on.

We have placed Judiciary in the right place by naming it as the stable better arm of government. We are not just talking. For instance, the O’Neill Government issued contracts but paid less, and we have paid since 2019 over K150 million to complete the Waigani Supreme Court complex and an associated satellite connectivity for Electronic Judiciary;

We are not just talking but have passed Independent Commission Against Corruption Act. Governments since late Tony Siaguru’s days have talked about it but Marape Government delivered it in November 2020. This with the Whistle Blowers Act and Proceeds of Crime Act, and a new Undisclosed Wealth Act which I will push to pass should secure our country from the scourge of corruption so our greater gains from our resources will be safe from any more abuses.

We are also reforming to strengthen Ombudsman Commission and our country’s Police Force with both reward and discipline policies to improve police productivity.

My people and my country, despite all the many challenges, we have safely taken our nation back from the hands of corruption and complacency and have put it on the road or ‘Rot’ as Pangu calls it, traveling on the road our fathers set out in 1975 where we complete our sovereignty with economic independence to complement our political independence.

Forty-six years on and we are alive and I promise we will still live on. Who says we cannot or we will fail? We will live on as one people, one nation, one country.

Over the last two years since we took office, we have tried our best for you all. It was a very hard two years but we have stabilised our country, despite the global COVID-19 induced hardship, as well as our own challenges with law-and-order and internal security.

My people, my country, I am trying my best; government under my leadership is trying its best. I ask you individually and as a group wherever you are to do your best also for our country.

Your best effort can be felt the greatest in the respect for the Rule of Law.

This means for us in public offices to cease white collar crimes and complacencies at work place;
This means we all must respect our daughters, mothers and sisters;
This means we must respect our children and elderly people;
This means we must respect all our lawful guests and residents;
This means we must respect each other; and
Lastly, but not the least, these means we must respect our spouse.

Respecting each other will ensure our country gets better, and we will pass onto the next generation a better country that has equal opportunities for all children born into PNG.

When we all live within law and respect for each other, it makes your government serve you better. It is not an easy task to serve a diverse nation but with the guidance and grace of the Almighty God, we have been able to function and live on as one people, one nation, and one country thus far and your respect for the rule of law will help here.

My government remains focused on my commitments to the nation on 30th May 2019. And if anyone doubts what we stand for or have been doing, please measure us against those commitments I made then and what we have been doing in the last two years despite political instabilities and COVID-19 related economic problems.

We have delivered and are continuing to mature our efforts to empower all of you who own fisheries and marine resources, forest resources including our biodiversity, our mineral and petroleum resources, and our culture and heritage.

We want you all to be financially independent; we want our country to be economically independent.

That is my dream as your chief servant. That must be your dream too, so let us all work together. Why don’t we all agree, on this 46th anniversary of our country’s political independence, that each of you including me will respect the Rule of Law and each other.

Our slogan ‘Take Back PNG’ is not to take PNG backwards but rather to take PNG back from hands of ‘corruption and complacency’ and gearing up for our economy to look after our country and you all my people. This dream can be achieved much faster if we respect law and each other today.

It must start now, for to defer is recklessness and disruptive for national unity and progress.

As John F Kennedy, on January 20 1961, requested his people of USA: ‘Ask not what the country can do for you, but rather what you can do for your country’. I too point to you this ethos for it is a universal nation-building principle.

Before I end my address to you all, it would be remiss of me not to thank all our development partner institutions and countries. Most, if not all of you, have stayed with us since 1975 when our good friends the Australians allowed us political independence.

I also on behalf of my country would like to also say ‘thank you’ to all business houses and companies, you have been working on keeping our economy oiled and we appreciate all of you.

To the multi-nationals, my fight to take back more from my country’s natural resources will be cognizant to your rate of return on your investments and you must understand when I take back more for PNG, it is make PNG safe and better for your business and all of us.

But having said this, PNG owes you all our gratitude and thankfulness.

PNG is God’s Christian country and in times of COVID-19 and other global problems, we wish you all God’s blessing and care just like how our God has looked after us during these COVID-19 times.

To all my people and my country, I wish you all a safe and happy 46th Independence Anniversary celebrations.

If you are educated and employed like me then let us assist pick up the less fortunate in our midst, offer a helping hand to a person struggling next to you.

And for you my people , this is the last independence before the 2022 national general elections. My government will do our best to prepare a fair platform for you to exercise your section 50 rights to vote your leader of choice next year and if we have not served you well then it is your rights to remove us.

Have hope for our country, if a rural person like me growing up in rural Fly River and West Sepik Provinces , in all parts of rural highlands and with modern education and Christianity can have friends from all part of PNG and Bougainville can have a say in how PNG prospers, you too can because God gave us a country and talents with your life.

You don’t have to be a Prime Minister to become positive agents of change but you too can infuse positive energy and service for your country where ever God places you in. Find your space in our country and build up our country.

God Bless you all and may God continue to bless our home Papua New Guinea.

I remain yours truly,

James Marape, your chief servant .»