More than 1600 people are now homeless after the 7.3 earthquake struck Higaturu Local Level Government in Sohe district of Northern Province. Fourteen homes in Killerton, Kikiri way of Oro Bay rural LLG, including some houses near the epicentre at Kendata village collapsed during the massive quake. More than 20 food gardens have been destroyed while several buildings in six LLGs in the province suffered considerable structural damage.

Villagers in the Morobe local level government of Huon Gulf, Morobe, have reported damage to homes and food gardens by landslides caused by earthquake.

Earthquake can cause panic leading to injuries thus it is important to remain calm, use common sense and stick to basic rules, an official says. St John Ambulance chief executive officer Matthew Cannon said people indoors during an earthquake should stay there “until the shaking stops and it is safe to go outside”.[1]


The fire at the University of PNG was a suspected arson, according to the PNG Fire Service. PNG Fire Service Commissioner Bill Roo said police would investigate to determine those responsible for the fire.

The July 17 fire started inside one of the units where mattresses were kept. The unit had a fire rated wall that contained the fire inside saving other units and the building. Students rushed with buckets of water to contain the fire that was spreading rapidly through mattresses and other items stored in there. One of the students was injured in the process and rushed to the hospital.[2]