The National Weather Office has warned that there will be bad weather conditions (strong winds, flooding and landslides) over the coming three months from January to March this year.


The PNG National Weather Service director Samuel Maiha issued the gale force wind warnings have being issued for all New Guinea Islands and eastern sea board of the New Guinea mainland from Alotau to Wewak and strong wind warnings for the remainder of the Country.


Minister for Environment and Conservation and Climate Change, Wera Mori, is strongly urging people living along coastlines not to destroy and cut down mangroves. He said a fair amount of mangrove trees have been destroyed at the Taurama’s Bootless Bay and this was bad for the environment and did not help in their efforts to fight climate change.

Mr Mori said the conservation of mangroves was important because they protected the shorelines from climate change and Papua New Guineans, and especially developers, must be responsible and help protect mangroves.