The delayed 2019 term four Tuition Fee Free payments totaling almost K95 million has been paid into all school accounts, says Education Secretary Dr Uke Kombra. According to statements made by the minister, the money released to school accounts should settle any debts from last year by the schools and help start off the academic year.


Opposition leader Belden Namah has urged parents to send all their children to school next week and not let PM Marape leave them behind. “The Marape government has lost all concept of its obligation to educate our children and this makes a mockery out of the Prime Minister’s so called ‘leave no child behind’ slogan,” Mr Namah said. He said this government has no choice but to support our children and pay for their education.


K95m TTF fund component paid

Namah: Send all children to school

‘Outstanding K95m TFF to come’