Political parties and their candidates need to comply with the Organic Law on the Integrity of Political Parties and candidates, Registrar of Political Parties Dr Alphonse Gelu says. Gelu said political parties needed to endorse candidates with integrity as the Organic Law also required integrity in the electoral process and the parties. “It is exciting to work with smaller parties as they stand on their principles. Bigger parties forget the fundamentals of the political parties and their principles,” Gelu said.


The ruling Pangu Pati has lashed out at PNG Trade Union Congress (PNG TUC) president John Paska’s election to the council of the recently launched United Labour Party. They said it was improper and uncalled for. Pangu Pati national president Patrick Pundao told a news conference in Port Moresby that the election and association of Mr Paska with a political party has now brought the integrity and reputation of the union into disrepute. Section 4 (2) of the Organic Law on the Integrity of Police Parties and Candidates states that an official of a political party must not hold any other public office. Mr Pundao asked the union president to resign from PNG TUC.


Opposition Leader Belden Namah wants the Government to make urgent provisions to pay out former Papua New Guinea Defence Force servicemen nationwide. Several payments were made to the PNGDF over the years to settle entitlements but, apparently, the allocation had not been disbursed to the rightful recipients for some reason or other. Namah said he was aware of various groups of ex-servicemen who have pressed their claims against the State through the courts for many years, some running over 20 years.


The Government will remain the overall custodian of negotiations on investment into natural resources, says Oro Governor Gary Juffa. Juffa was commenting on claims of illegal logging in parts of the province which he recently visited. He said the role of the government was to ensure that foreign companies coming to the country were genuine and had track records of successful projects, apart from satisfying other requirements. Juffa pointed out that for any logging project to operate in the country, the process would go through five departments: environmental conservation, lands, agriculture, forestry and the provincial administration.


Prime Minister James Marape launched FM100’s Talk Back show recently at the Manasupe Haus in Port Moresby. Marape thanked FM100 for creating an avenue where the Government, business houses and partners could communicate with the people about services and issues in the country.


James Marape launched the 2020 annual operational plans for government departments and state agencies. Marape challenged the public servants to deliver what they had planned in the annual operation plans for the year. “By the end of this year, if you do not achieve what you have planned, then you might as well resign,” he said.



Pangu Pati lashes out at TUC president