Northern Governor Gary Juffa said during his term from 2012 up to present, he has observed that politics has been heavily stigmatised and widely considered as a dirty word associated with corruption.

And he urged political parties to help create broad awareness that not all politicians are corrupt.


Registrar of Political Parties Dr Alphonse Gelu has raised concerns about the lack of funding to political parties in preparation for the 2022 national general election. “In fact the amount we are giving out is only K720,000, which is way below the K1.15 million that we should be giving out to all the political parties. For 2019 the government still owes us K370,000 to the political parties.” – says Gelu.


Prime Minister James Marape is planning more unannounced visits to government departments and agencies. This is for a better coordination in implementing government policies.

Also, Prime Minister said the government’s plan was to look at road links, electricity and communication networks as its three key signature policies for this year. He said the government would engage local contractors throughout the country to run these projects.


Minister for Housing and Urbanisation Justin Tkatchenko has announced that he will be filing criminal proceedings against a named individual over “malicious and false lies” posted on social media. On the post sighted, the individual called on the Prime Minister James Marape to remove Mr Tkatchenko because several land titles were handed over to “friends” when Mr Tkatchenko was Lands and Physical Planning Minister.


A new twist in the Supreme Court challenge on the legality of Prime Minister James Marape’s election as Prime Minister has emerged. Firstly, a new Special Supreme Court Reference has being filed this time questioning Mr Namah’s recognition as the Opposition Leader. Secondly an appeal has been filed by the Member for Komo-Margarima, Manase Makiba whose application to intervene was refused by Justice Hartshorn.


The government will reduce the country’s wages, goods and services bill and instead focus on increasing funding under the Public Expenditure Program. Treasurer Ian Ling-Stuckey said the government would continue to move overall sectoral funding in line with the priorities set out in the Marape manifesto. He said it would also provide more support for and expect more accountability from all departments, provinces and districts on their spending.


The government has announced its stand to initiate agricultural programs for youths to reduce the high incidences of crimes. Secretary for Justice and Attorney-General Dr Eric Kwa told that the government has realised law and order issues is now a major concern and it is eyeing agricultural programs to be a potential concept to address these issues.


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