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National Parliament of Papua New Guinea voted to extend the COVID-19 State of Emergency (SoE) for 14 days. More than 80 MPs voted in favor of the extension, only 2 voted against. Initially, the State of Emergency was declared to be for 14 days from March 24, and then it was prolonged until June 2.

At the moment Members of Parliament discuss preventive measures in order to protect provinces from COVID-19. Earlier Permanent Parliament Emergency Committee recommended for the state-of-emergency to be extended for 2 months. However, Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea (PNG) declared that Cabinet decided to prolong the COVID-19 State of Emergency for 2 weeks.

State of Emergency Controller and Police Commissioner David Manning told about о softening of some measures, include the lifting of curfews, roadblocks and public gatherings. The orders also include the extension of the ban on nightclubs, gambling, betting shops and the sale of alcohol on weekends. This rules will continue to be enforced in the next two weeks. Mr. Manning also mentioned they were drafting a Public Health Bill for Parliament to approve. «This is basically to enforce the new normal which will include things like the Wash (water, sanitation and hygiene) program, social distancing in schools, workplaces and in public transport vehicles […] The new normal will also place more emphasis on personal hygiene to stop transmission in communities, because as long as the Covid-19 (exists), it still poses a threat to the country» – Mr. Manning said.

ExxonMobil PNG (EMPNG) has engaged 9 local tailoring businesses for manufacturing 10 000 face covering for its staff. Such an act is aimed to show EMPNG support for micro, small and medium businesses, facing challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Moreover, company follows recommendations of PNG government and international health authorities, and commits to adhere to guidance for prevention of the COVID-19 spread, including practicing physical distancing and wearing face coverings.

Extend SoE for another 2 months, says committee

ExxonMobil PNG engages local MSMEs to manufacture 10,000 face masks

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