Healthcare. Papua New Guinea press review

Papua New Guinea’s National COVID-19 Treatment Centre is now officially opened, as announced by Deputy Prime Minister Davies Stephen and the National Capital District (NCD) Governor Powes Parkop. The opening ceremony was also attended by Health Minister Jelta Wong.
The center will serve a number of provinces of Papua New Guinea, including the Central Province, NCD, Gulf Province, and will also on standby for other provinces of PNG. The new center has the capacity of 76 beds with the possibility of expanding its number to 100, and accommodate ‘more than with 13 doctors, 20 nursing officers and 20 Community Health Workers to be based there’.

Port Moresby General Hospital (PMGH) also announced that its biomedical equipment, such as ventilators and bedside monitors, are ready to use in treating of COVID-19 cases. According to the PMGH, the biomedical equipment supplier, Green TeleMed, has ensured that the equipment was operational and ready for use. PMGH Biomedical Services Coordinator Robert Mokela expressed gratitude to Green TeleMed for ‘providing the expertise and manpower in preparing the hospital’s biomedical services for COVID-19 at no cost’. According to R. Mokela, biomedical services had a bridge in connecting doctors and nurses to patients for safe, quality and effective healthcare practices.

Green TeleMed Chief Executive Bernard George said that ‘biomedical engineers and technicians made sure medical technology was properly maintained and repaired ensuring patients received the best possible treatment’.

First Covid-19 treatment centre opens in Port Moresby
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