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The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Papua New Guinea (PNG) has reached 7 people, also State of Emergency Controller David Manning imposed a daily curfew from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. over the next two weeks for the National Capital District, Central and Western. Manning also announced bans on domestic flights, public transport including taxis, public gatherings and gatherings of more than four people.

One of the COVID-19 cases was detected in an employee of the National Operation Centre (NOC) in Port Moresby. Mr. Manning ordered to took immediate actions to test all staff and all NOC visitors (in the last 7 days) for COVID-19.

In support of Papua New Guinea authorities’ efforts to mitigate the risks of the spread of the COVID-19, Air Niugini has scaled up its health and safety measures for passengers traveling on the airline’s domestic flights. Before each departure, passengers are pass temperature control and provided with personal protective equipment, including face masks and hand sanitizers. Passengers must wear these masks at all times including the duration of the flight. Also as part of the health measures, Air Niugini has stopped providing inflight catering and has removed all inflight magazines from the aircraft.

In terms of measures against COVID-19, we need to mark the statement of provincial police commander Jacob Kamiak from Western Highlands. According to Mr. Kamiak, police in Western Highlands will arrest people who do not follow COVID-19 directives. The shops and fuel stations had to close before 5 p.m. and the movement of people had to stop by 7 p.m. He said that check points had been set up to enforce the state of emergency (SoE) orders to monitor the movement of people and prevent the spread of the virus. Provincial police commander Jacob Kamiak says «In order for us to prevent COVID-19, we have to listen and follow the instructions to save our lives and for the others».

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