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The State of Emergency (SoE) Controller, David Manning, has announced the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions. These include the reopening of flights into East New Britain, resumption of public transport, and amendment of the curfew in the National Capital District (NCD), Central and Western Province.

At present, Papua New Guinea (PNG) has the following conditions:

– Flights restrictions into and out of Rabaul are lifted and the Port of Rabaul to be re-opened as a designated international shipping port;
– Public transport is to be re-opened with operators to continue with hygiene measures of hand sanitizer, regular sanitizing of seats and social distancing of 25-seater PMV allowed up to 15 people and all other transport to 5 less than licensed. Taxis are permitted 2 passengers;
– Flight approvals for travel within and between non-restricted Provinces are to be maintained by the airline operators who will supply passenger details to the National Operations Center.
– The curfew within National Capital District, Central and Western Province will be amended to 10 p.m. to 5 a.m.;
– Restaurants will open with social distancing measures and hand sanitizer for patrons. Alcohol is permitted to be sold for consumption on the premises only.

In addition, in NCD, Western and Central Province recent direction some roadblocks were discontinued and dismantled.

Papua New Guineans and residents stranded overseas can return home but will be quarantined at hotels for 14 days upon their arrival in Port Moresby: Holiday Inn, Ela Beach hotel, Sanctuary hotel, Dixies Bungalows, Grand Papua Hotel, Stanley hotel, Hilton hotel, Laguna hotel and Granville hotel.

«The government is considering paying for returning citizens to be quarantined at hotels around Port Moresby, » said State of Emergency (SoE) Controller David Manning.

Manning has set out conditions for hotels willing to house PNG citizens and permanent residents returning to PNG. Among the conditions, cost per person to be K340 per night inclusive of meals and water with the government to meet the costs. If someone develops COVID-19 symptoms the person is to be kept in the room and should not leave unless authorised in writing by himself or an exception would be if there is an emergency. The government shall indemnify the hotel for any damage caused by the guests however with conditions that evidence of the state of the room before the guest took occupancy and damage caused shall be produced before any payment is made.

Air Niugini says it is ready to transport Papua New Guinea citizens stranded overseas upon the request of the State of Emergency Controller David Manning. Passengers checking in for inbound international flights are required to show the following: passport and valid visa; ticket and, evidence the passenger has already paid for 14 days quarantine at an approved hotel. Currently, Air Niugini is only approved to fly to Brisbane (five times per week), Cairns (two times per week), and Singapore (four times per week).

Papua New Guinean who tested positive to COVID-19 in Laos has recovered and has been released from quarantine – has announced PNG Foreign Affairs Minister Patrick Pruaitch at Jacksons International Airport during the arrival of the first international flight bringing in Papua New Guinea citizens from Japan.

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