International Relations. Papua New Guinea press review

82 citizens of Papua New Guinea (PNG) returned home from Australia and New Zealand on the 16th of June 2020 following a repatriation exercise carried out by the PNG Government. Out of that number, 43 were regional seasonal employment (RSE) workers who flew in from New Zealand. According to a statement from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), the Papua New Guineans were screened by health authorities and National Agriculture Quarantine and Inspection Authority (NAQIA) team, processed and then quarantined for 14 days at designated hotels funded by the State. According to PNG DFAT, 273 citizens of Papua New Guinea stranded in Australia had been repatriated. PNG Government also planned to charter more flights to repatriate other stranded Papua New Guinean citizens, while DFAT, including the Papua New Guinea diplomatic missions and consular posts overseas, will continue to maintain contact with the stranded PNG citizens. [1]

The Australian government is backing several activities in the Enga education policy that are giving people an opportunity to press on with their studies, as stated by Enga Teachers College (ETC) Principal Michael Homingu. Mr. Homingu also noted that Australia, through its AusAID programme, had been supporting the vision and policy of Governor Sir Peter Ipatas in education and a recent visit of Australian High Commissioner Jon Philp to Enga Province had shown that the partnership would continue to be maintained. Mr. Homingu said that the Australian programs of AusAID included various scholarships for students. Moreover, Mr. Homingu stated that Australia helped two academic staff of ETC who had completed leadership training in Melbourne, the setting up of the library and Wi-Fi services with 56 desktop computers for two computer labs, and also infrastructure development, including K10 million for a four-level lecture and library block which is to be completed. [2]

In turn, Enga Province Governor Sir Peter Ipatas says that the Enga government and its people will continue to maintain its partnership with Australia. At the same time, Australian High Commissioner to Papua New Guinea Jonathan Philp during a two-days visit in the province the Enga government and the people of Enga for the warm welcome and for acknowledging Australia for its continued support to the province through its AusAID programmes: «This is my first visit to the province and I want us to continue to maintain that relationship and work together, » Australian High Commissioner to PNG Jonathan Philp said. [3] [1]
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