An Australian-owned light aircraft landed under mysterious circumstances and burned suspiciously close to a newly-built airstrip west of Port Moresby. Villagers saw the aircraft, between 2pm and 3pm, flying very low around the hillsides, circling and later found it burning at the new airstrip. No passengers or cargo were found at the scene and details of the aircraft’s last departure not known.

Australian and PNG police have been ordered by the Prime Minister James Marape to investigate and prosecute all those involved in the plane crash-landing near Port Moresby. “It concerns me that an unmarked small craft flew into PNG airspace and landed in an important resource project area of our country,” Mr Marape said.

A Port Moresby-based company Ravenpol No 69 is listed in the Investment Promotion Authority records as the “holder” of the mystery aircraft which flew into the country and crash-landed outside Port Moresby. The Cessna 402c twin-engine aircraft operated out of Australia by a company named as Avlease Pty Ltd based in Alice Springs, Northern Territory.

The plane was allegedly reported to have an estimated $US500 million (K1.4billion) worth of drugs on the flight. It is also alleged that high ranking Papua New Guineans were involved.[1] [1]

PM orders Aust, PNG police to probe crash-landing

Investigation of plane starts