Prime Minister. Papua New Guinea press review

Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea (PNG), James Marape, in his address to the nation, called on PNG citizens to observe a 14-day state of emergency and stop any attempts to illegally cross the land and sea borders of Papua New Guinea, which will now be punishable by imprisonment.
Prime Minister Hon. James Marape issued the warning to border crossers at Vanimo (Sandaun Province) and Western Province that the government is stepping up in our border protection consistent with COVID-19 measures and will strictly monitor illegal border crossings either going out or coming in.
«For those who are continuously traveling to Indonesia, especially vanilla traders, or down south to Australia for whatever reason, our joint international borders will be given stepped-up protection on our side as well as on the other side» – Prime Minister stated.
Hon. James Marape also added that police and Papua New Guinea Defence Force (PNGDF) personnel have been dispatched to the south side as well as the north side to police both international borders while Customs, Police and Immigration officers in Australia and Indonesia will maintain security of their borders. other news of the Miklouho-Maclay Foundation