The Public Accounts Committee received K1 million from the Finance Department. The fund which is the first initial payment towards the committee’s role, was presented by the Minister for Finance and Rural Development, Rainbo Paita. He said the government through the Finance Department would ensure that the committee continues its role making every institution accountable for the funds that they receive from the government, which has been an issue since Independence. Mr Paita said: “Our responsibility at the Finance Department is to ensure that funding is given in a timely manner depending on the cash flow”.


East Sepik Province has passed a record K287.2 million budget. Governor Allan Bird announced the record budget that was passed. “This budget is a 23 per cent increase from 2019 and the increase is mostly from savings and internal revenue. While some people may believe savings relate to lack of service delivery, it can also mean savings as a result of preventing corruption.” – Mr Bird said.


Recipients and implementing agencies of the 2020 Capital Investment Budget need to submit their work plans and cash flow to the Department of National Planning and Monitoring, says secretary Koney Samuel. They include heads of department, State-owned companies and provincial administrators. Late submissions of work plans and cash flows may result in further delays in expediting the release of funds in a timely manner.


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