Three women are among 22 candidates who will be contesting the Goroka by-election in Eastern Highlands, Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato says. He said the three were businesswoman Serina Heriso Kengermar, surveyor Mary Pati and Goroka Show chairman and tour operator Keryn Hargreaves. Polling is for 14 days and starts on Sept 12 and ends on Sept 25 while counting will be for 21 days starting on Sept 26.

Meanwhile, with the alarming surge of new COVID-19 cases in NCD, thus bringing the national total of confirmed cases to 30 as of July 22, Gamato is strongly appealing to the public in Goroka, especially candidates, supporters and voters, to strictly observe social distancing at this time.[1]


People’s National Congress (PNC) party leader Peter O’Neill was in Goroka, Eastern Highlands Province, in support of PNC candidate Henry Ame’s bid in the upcoming Goroka by-election. Mr O’Neill reassured the people of Goroka that PNC will continue to work hard to overcome the damage inflicted on the province and the country due to the current government’s failures over the past year. “Henry Ame is an experienced businessman and he understand the challenges you face. Together with Henry Ame we will work to restore the Highlands Highway with Goroka as the gateway to the Highlands, and deliver the infrastructure for you to deliver your crops to markets.” – O’Neill said.[2]