Healthcare. Papua New Guinea press review

In Papua New Guinea (PNG) announced the total amount of the COVID-19 pandemic response plan –K1.13 billion (US$374 million), with most of it – K960 million (US$276 million) allocated to clinical management. It is expected that the funds will be distributed as follows:
• K102.5 million (US$29.5 million) – for «non-pharmaceutical products» (diagnostic, laboratory, medical supplies, consumables and equipment);
• K 12 million (US$3.46 million) – rapid response and surveillance;
• K16.6 million (US$4.78 million) – infection prevention and control;
• K13 million (US$3.74 million) – laboratories;
• K15 million (US$4.32 million) – communication and social measures;
• K7.7 million (US$2.22 million) – operational logistics. [1]

In turn, PNG Pandemic Response Controller David Manning has again warned people in Port Moresby to follow public health orders such as wearing masks in buses.

Currently, there have been a total of 471 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Papua New Guinea, including 234 active cases, 232 recovered cases, and 5 fatal cases.

Mr. Manning says that «the no-mask-no-entry measure is for public vehicles, shops, markets, buildings, and public areas where physical distancing is not attainable». According to Pandemic Controller David Manning, the rate of community transmission in Port Moresby was high. [2]

At the same time, according to PNG authorities, most COVID-19 cases in Papua New Guinea’s current outbreak have been asymptomatic. More than half of people who have tested positive have not shown any signs and symptoms of coronavirus. The Government said this indicated that many people were carrying the coronavirus and unknowingly spreading it. «Everyone is at risk of contracting Covid-19 because you cannot tell whether people around you are infected or not until they have been tested, » Mr. Manning said. [3]

Schools in Alotau Urban LLG will resume classes tomorrow after a two-week suspension following the first COVID-19 case in Milne Bay province. The first COVID-19 case was the 18-year old local school female student. Then her COVID-19 test had come back negative, meaning she had recovered. Provincial Controller Ashan Numa says a majority of tests have returned negative thus they are returning to normal business for schools in the urban cluster who had to shut down for quarantine. The Province has collected 163 samples to date, and aside from the one positive case that has now recovered, all have returned negative. [4]

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