International Relations. Papua New Guinea press review

The Foreign Minister of Japan Motegi Toshimitsu arrived in the capital of Papua New Guinea (PNG) Port Moresby. It’s expected that Mr. Toshimitsu will make a major announcement about major funding arrangements including advancing co-operation for the early recovery of the economy of PNG, which has been impacted by the novel COVID-19 decease. According to PNG Prime Minister Hon. James Marape, his government is looking forward to as the two countries will further consolidate their bilateral and trading relationships which will also support the government’s 2020 budget priorities. [1]

According to the Ambassador of Japan to Papua New Guinea Kuniyuki Nakahara, the volume of trade with Japan accounts for around 20% of PNG’s total trade, making Japan a major trading partner after Australia, Singapore and China. Mr. Ambassador stated that the main imported items from Japan were vehicles and their part. «Last year, total import from Japan was 15.9 billion Yen (K513 million) of which vehicles and parts made up more than 74%. Other main imported items are steel and cement […] Although this is not widely acknowledged, PNG records a substantial trade surplus with Japan in recent years. Last year, export to Japan was 287.3 billion Yen (K9.3 billion) […] Roughly 50% of PNG’s liquefied natural gas (LNG) production is exported to Japan, and last year, LNG accounted for 76% of export from PNG to Japan, » Mr. Ambassador noted. [2]

However, the National Executive Council (NEC) has approved a guideline on development and technical cooperation between PNG and other countries. The guideline is a mechanism through which PNG can enhance and diversify its relations with individual countries or foreign governments. Prime Minister James Marape said that it would govern the overall coordination and facilitation of bilateral development and technical cooperation between PNG and other countries. «This is an overarching agreement and will be executed at a higher political or diplomatic level by the Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Trade, » PNG Prime Minister said. [3] [1]

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