The exhibition «Russia and Papua New Guinea. Unity in Diversity» was designed to showcase the diversity of Russia and retrace the history of its bilateral ties with the Independent State of Papua New Guinea, dating back to the 19th century and originating from the expeditions of the great Russian scientist and explorer N. Miklouho-Maclay to the New Guinea Island. The exhibition also aims to highlight the importance of learning the Russian language, demonstrate the potential of educational opportunities in Russia and showcase Russian traditions and cultureScheduled lectures delivered in English by a Russian guide have been progressing exceedingly well. The exhibition has proven very successful with many students and other Papua New Guinean visitors, encouraging them to learn more about Russia. As part of this project, two lectures are delivered daily accompanied by a tour around the exhibition, and occasional video presentations. Papua New Guineas demonstrate overwhelmingly keen interest towards Russian culture. Many citizens are aware that Russia is the largest country in the world, however, they have very limited knowledge about the country itself. It was only natural, therefore, that locals seized this rare opportunity to make acquaintance and interact with Russians, who could give answers to all their questions: in just 5 days over 600 people signed up for the Russian lectures.
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News «Russia and Papua New Guinea. Unity in Diversity»

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