The 2018 year was very eventful and productive for the Miklouho-Maclay Foundation. However, it could not have happened if the locals of the Maclay Coast hadn’t warmly met the research expedition on the trail of Miklouho-Maclay organized by the Foundation in 2017. That warmth and respect they showed still remembering and loving Russia and Miklouho-Maclay encouraged Nickolay, the descendant of the scientist, the founder and Director of the Foundation, to organize all those numerous events with the help of a team of like-minded partners and sponsors.This article chronologically tells about the brightest events of 2018.

In March 2018, the collection of the Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography of RAS was replenished with 14 exhibits of the material culture collection collected during the research expedition on the trail of Miklouho-Maclay to the Maclay Coast in 2017 in the same villages where the scientist lived with aborigines. The collection is undoubtedly a unique historical and cultural value of the world scale and allows us to trace the development of human civilization on the Maclay Coast from the time when the natives did not even use iron (Miklouho-Maclay was the first who introduced iron axes in 1871 during the first expedition) to the present day.“Metro” newspaper, the article “The New Guineans personal items will become exhibits in Saint-Petersburg”.“Saint-Petersburg vedomosti”, the article “Maclay’s collection was replenished”Miklouho-Maclay Foundation website, Maclay Coast inhabitants material culture collection
Patron’s Day. Hermitage.

SPIEF. Cultural program

SPIEF.  Nickolay Miklouho-Maclay and Vladimir Yakunin 
In April 2018, within the 13th Patron’s Day at the state Hermitage Museum of Saint-Petersburg, Miklouho-Maclay Jr. donated to the Museum of the World Ocean a ritual dish “Tabir” brought from the expedition organized under his leadership in 2017. The dish has a high cultural value and is used in ceremonies, celebrations, weddings of local residents.In May 2018, a popular science edition “Journey to the Maclay Coast” authored by N. N. Miklouho-Maclay was published. The edition, illustrated with drawings dated back to XIX century and photos taken in XX and XXI centuries, is based on the materials of the unique research expedition on the trail of the great Russian scientist and researcher of XIX century Nikolay Nikolaevich Miklouho-Maclay and tells the stories of the expeditions of XIX, XX, XXI centuries. It is presented and available in Saint-Petersburg and Moscow Houses of Books. Also, in November 2018, the edition was represented in English verse in the Independent State of Papua New Guinea. The edition, as one of the gifts from Russia, was presented by the Head of Russian delegation, the Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev together with the descendant and full namesake of Nikolay Miklouho-Maclay to the Prime Minister of the Independent State of Papua New Guinea Peter O’Neill, who highly appreciated the gift.In June 2018, the international project “Miklouho-Maclay. XXI century. Revived History” was launched. One of the project activities is an exhibition composed of the copies of Miklouho-Maclay’s drawings dated back to XIX century and photos taken during the research expedition to the Maclay Coast in 2017. A number of creative meetings and lectures, film screenings, as well as more than fifteen exhibitions attended by at least twenty-five thousand people, was organized and held in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg and Veliky Novgorod region. At least two million and a half people learned about the project with the help of the media!
Journey to the Maclay Coast. The book presentation at the book festival on the Red Square

The “Miklouho-Maclay. XXI century. Revived History” project opening. SPb, loft project “Etagi”.

Maclay readings in Okulovka city. Veliky Novgorod region

Nickolay Miklouho-Maclay and Dmitrii Medvedev.
The most memorable exhibitions:

– in the Loft project “Etagi”, where on the first day of Summer the “Revived History” started. Professor Alan Robson, the representative of the University of Port Moresby (PNG), was specially invited for the opening;

– in the Pushkin House (IRLI RAS) the exhibition combined the materials of the expeditions to the island of New Guinea of three centuries. In addition to the copies of Miklouho-Maclay’s drawings dated back to XIX century and the unique materials of the scientific research expedition in 2017, the articles and books  about the expedition in 1971 authored by B. N. Putilov, the expedition tapes, the records of Papuan folklore, the photos taken during the expedition, the books of  native and foreign researchers of New Guinea were presented;

– in the Moscow House of Books, where the exhibits were placed in the shop windows. Everyone walking along the New Arbat could see the exhibits telling about the close historical connection between Russia and the island state of Papua New Guinea;

-in the Second Saint-Petersburg Gymnasium, where Nikolay Nikolaevich Miklouho-Maclay studied from 1858 to 1861;

– in the Research Institute and Museum of Anthropology named after D. N. Anuchin under the Moscow State University named after M. V. Lomonosov, where the exhibition remained on a permanent basis;

– in the State Arts and Culture Museum of Novgorod Land, where the exhibition was organized in cooperation with the Okulovka Local History Museum named after N. N. Miklouho-Maclay friendly to the Foundation. The documentary “Citizen of the World” was displayed there for the first time. Since then, it was displayed on a regular basis.

– in Papua New Guinea, where two exhibitions were held at once during the APEC summit: in the National Library and Archives of Papua New Guinea and at the Signing area. The “Revived History” represented in English for the first time fascinated the visitors.
III National TV Forum “Native trails”

PNG delegation in Miklouho-Maclay’s apartment

Saint-Petersburg State University of Economics. PNG delegation meeting.

The exhibition “Miklouho-Maclay. XXI century. Revived History” opening. SPb, the Second Saint-Petersburg Gymnasium.
Also, within the project, the Miklouho-Maclay Foundation conducts free distribution of a colorful 28-page magazine (5 000 copies). More than three thousand copies have been handed over to educational institutions of the country, as well as distributed at events. The teachers are happy to use this magazine at geography and history lessons, as well as for extracurricular reading and awarding the winners in various competitions and events.

The success of the project is obvious.  In 2018, the project covered Saint-Petersburg, Moscow, almost the entire Veliky Novgorod region (the small homeland of Miklouho-Maclay), the capital of Papua new Guinea Port Moresby. We are confident that the next year the geography of the project will expand its borders, because the exhibitions of the “Miklouho-Maclay. XXI century. Revived History” project have been already planned for 2019 on the initiative of educational institutions and museums.October 2018 has become a significant month not only for the Miklouho-Maclay Foundation but for the entire history of Russia. Because, right in the October, after the invitation by Miklouho-Maclay Foundation and due to the President of the Russian Federation “New generation” program, with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Rossotrudnichestvo and partners of the Foundation, with the leading mass media information support, Russia was visited by a delegation from PNG with the aim of developing and deepening public, business and scientific relations between the Russian Federation and the Independent state of Papua New Guinea. The delegation of five active public figures of the Island state, teachers of Port Moresby and Madang Universities, interested in strengthening the partnership with Russia, visited Saint-Petersburg and Moscow. The exact visit contributed to the development and strengthening the bilateral relations between the peoples of our countries in the cultural and humanitarian spheres. The delegates visited Saint-Petersburg and Moscow and was impressed by the “Maclay’s village” – so the Maclay Coast locals, with whom the great explorer has lived for 2.5 years, once called Russia
National Library of Russia. PNG delegation meeting.

Research Institute and Museum of Anthropology named after D. N. Anuchin under the Moscow State University named after M. V. Lomonosov.

Emperor Alexander I Saint-Petersburg State Transport University

Midday cannon shot. Peter and Paul Fortress.
Another significant event in October 2018: 200 years since the birth of Nikolay Ilyich Miklouho – the first chief of Nikolaevskiy (now Moskovskiy) railway station (the main railway station of the country), the father of the great scientist and traveler Nikolay Nikolaevich Miklouho-Maclay. In honor of this event, the Miklouho-Maclay Foundation in cooperation with the North-West Regional Directorate of Railway Stations and the Emperor Alexander I Saint-Petersburg State Transport University organized a unique exhibition “From Miklouho to Maclay” for the residents and guests of the Northern capital, which tells about the life of Nikolay Ilyich and Nikolay Nikolaevich, as well as a huge banner with the image of the famous father and son on the entire wall of the main hall of the Moscow Station. The 16-meter banner with the inscription “From Saint-Petersburg to New Guinea” welcomed the residents and guests during two months, and witnessed the departure of Miklouho-Maclay Jr. with the delegates to Moscow.
Visiting Yurii Solomin

PNG delegation departure from the Moscow station in Saint-Petersburg.

Moscow House of Books. “Miklouho-Maclay. XXI century. Revived History” exhibition
It would be impossible for the Foundation to imagine the 2018 year without two grand film premieres. The first one, of course, is “The Man from the Moon”, which was premiered at the Saint-Petersburg International Cultural Forum with full attendance. Now, the film short version (36 minutes) broadcast is on TV Channels in Russia and Australia. But, there are plans in the near future to make the full version (90 minutes) with the help of the Foundation partners. The second one is “Citizen of the World”. This six-minute movie along with the exhibition “Miklouho-Maclay. XXI century. Revived history” are actively used by educational institutes with a purpose to show and tell in details about the legacy of Miklouho-Maclay.All the main Russian media covering the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit, which was held in Port Moresby, the capital of PNG, along with the main event (States Parties Heads of Delegation Meeting) reported that Russia and Papua New Guinea became partners.
Saint-Petersburg International Cultural Forum. “THE MAN FROM THE MOON” film premiere.

Papua New Guinea. The locals.

International “BaltArtek” Youth Educational Forum

PNG, the English verse “Journey to the Maclay Coast” book presentation
In November 2018, during the summit, a number of agreements for cooperation between the Miklouho-Maclay Foundation and PNG State Institutions was signed. This event became the culmination of the productive work of the Miklouho-Maclay Foundation for the Preservation of Ethnocultural Heritage with the partners of the Independent State of Papua New Guinea.

An agreement for distribution of the book “Journey to the Maclay Coast” authored by Nickolay Miklouho-Maclay and a Memorandum for free transfer of the rights for two documentary films “Citizen of the World” and “The Man from the Moon” broadcast with educational purposes in the territory of the Independent State of Papua New Guinea were signed with the University of Papua New Guinea in Port Moresby. The book limited edition of 100 copies in English was released in cooperation with the University of Papua New Guinea in Port Moresby within the Memorandum for Cooperation previously signed at the Saint-Petersburg International Economic Forum 2018.

Another Memorandum for Cooperation and Assistance in organization of the research expedition to the Maclay Coast (Rai coast) was signed with the Mikluho-Maclay Foundation and the Divine Word University in Madang.
Justin Tkachenko (the PNG Minister for Lands, Physical Planning and APEC 2018), Nickolay Miklouho-Maclay (the Miklouho-Maclay Foundation Director), Ilya Ilyin (the Head of the Consular Section at the Embassy of Russia in Indonesia). APEC 2018.

Nickolay Miklouho-Maclay, Kakaeto Kasi, Valery Sorokin, Alexey Dobrinsky.

APEC 2018. Memorandum for Cooperation signing ceremony

Alexey Medvedev, Lyudmila Vorobyova, Nickolay Miklouho-Maclay, Igor Morgulov.
The final and most important Memorandum became a tripartite agreement between the National Library of Russia and the National Library and Archives of Papua New Guinea with the assistance of the Miklouho-Maclay Foundation.None of these important events could have taken place without the work that the Miklouho-Maclay Foundation had done in the period 2017 – 2018 in Russia and Papua New Guinea. 

Having finished the expedition in 2017 and collected extensive photo and video ethnographic materials in 2018, the Miklouho-Maclay Foundation held two exhibitions and premiered the film “The Man from the Moon” at the Saint-Petersburg International Cultural Forum 2017 and 2018; participated in the ECO Forum 2018; in the Saint-Petersburg International Economic Forum; in the APEC summit with the participation of 21 world economy leaders; in the International “BaltArtek” Youth Educational Forum; in the All-Russian Science Festival NAUKA0+; traditionally participated in Maclay readings.

Also, in 2018, the Miklouho-Maclay Foundation received some deserved awards. Nickolay Nikolaevich was solemnly awarded “for the great contribution into the social and economic development of the Okulovka municipal district” by V. K. Verbilo, the Minister of Culture of Veliky Novgorod region, at the celebration of the Okulovka City Day. The Foundation was awarded with the special prize-winner diploma of the III National TV Forum “Native trails” for the film “The Legacy of Miklouho-Maclay”. In the MFA Reception House the Director of the Foundation was solemnly awarded with the “New Generation” partner certificate by E. V. Mitrofanova, the Head of Rossotrudnichestvo.
Mikhail Shvydkoy and Nickolay Miklouho-Maclay meeting.

Azer Talibov the Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation and Nickolay Miklouho-Maclay the Foundation Director.

Eleonora Mitrofanova the Head of Rossotrudnichestvo and Nickolay Miklouho-Maclay the Foundation Director.

MFA Russia Reception House
This year has passed in one breath and I want to thank everyone who joined us, shared our sincere desire to serve the humanistic ideas of Miklouho-Maclay and promote them around the world.

The people grateful for our work make us move on. There became a few millions of you in 2018! Thank you for being with us!

We thank our partners with whom we share our success. We could not have been so successful without your support.

Special thanks to the sponsors who assisted the Foundation in the realization of our projects.

Thank you, friends! We did this together!

We are sure that the 2019 year will bring even more interesting and significant projects, new meetings and acquaintances and, of course, exciting adventures!

There are plans for new movies, a research expedition in April 2019, the works on creation of the Russian Corner (Cabinet) in PNG, the exhibitions of the items, collected by the descendant of the traveler on the Maclay Coast in 2017, and the project “Miklouho-Maclay. XXI century. Revived History”, which has already become popular.