Parties involved in the issue concerning the closure of Barrick Niugini Limited’s operations at the Porgera mine in Enga province will start mediations on Monday to explore options that can be taken to resolve the issue.

The parties in the issue include Barrick Niugini Limited, whose special mining lease expired in August, 2019 and registrar of tenements Stanley Nekitel, chairman of mining advisory council Jerry Garry, Mineral Resource Authority, Mining Minister Johnson Tuke, Prime Minister James Marape, Minister for Justice and Attorney General and Deputy Prime Minister Davis Steven.[1]


Barrick (Niugini) Limited (BNL), majority owner and operator of the Porgera gold mine, advised last week that it has been forced by lack of revenue to reduce electricity supplied to local communities during the ongoing care and maintenance period. “BNL recognises this is a significant inconvenience to all community members, but regrettably the company has no other option than to continue to reduce costs in light of the government decision not to extend the Porgera special mining lease, which forced the suspension of operations, and the consequent loss of operating revenue for the company,” the company said.[2]



Judge rebukes parties for delay in mediation of Barrick issue