In light of the two deaths and surge in Covid-19 positive cases in Port Moresby, the National Capital District Covid-19 taskforce has upgraded strategies to contain the spread. The taskforce admitted that the city is not equipped to handle a breakout and appealed to all city residents must do their part to protect themselves.

The upgraded measures include the suspension of all schools in the city for 14 days; suspension of PMV services for 14 days; and the compulsory use of facemasks by all city residents in while out in public or in private.

Pandemic Controller David Manning has issued an order for mandatory wearing of face masks in the capital Port Moresby to help contain the spread of the deadly Covid-19. This means anyone that leaves his home in Port Moresby is required to wear a mask. Vast majority of city residents are still going about their normal day to day activities without wearing face masks, which become mandatory as of July 29.

Business and service providers in Port Moresby may refuse to serve customers who do not wear face masks, according to National Pandemic Controller David Manning. He said a team of security officers drawn from the disciplined forces would go around the city to ensure rules were followed. He said individuals breaching rules could be fined K50,000 or serve a jail term of up to five years.[1]


Prime Minister James Marape has called for calm as the numbers of confirmed cases of Covid-19 in the city increases. “I also call on all Papua New Guineans to cooperate with all of the measures that have been put in place.” Mr. Marape said.[2]


The Australian government has announced that it is sending a medical team to PNG as the country manages a concerning rise in Covid-19 cases in recent days. The team will follow PNG’s quarantine requirements.[3]


Morobe has reported its first imported case of coronavirus from Port Moresby during this second wave Covid-19 outbreak in the country. Morobe Health Authority CEO Dr Kipas Binga announced at a media conference, adding that this is the official second confirmed case in the province after the first case. He said the infected person was a 37-year-old man from the Department of Health who was part of the national Covid-19 response team.[4]


Port Moresby’s Taurama Aquatic Centre will soon become the next isolation facility after the Rita Flynn Facility due to the spike in Covid-19 cases. Prime Minister James Marape made this known during the presentation of 40 ventilators donated by the US government at the Morauta Haus.

The United States Embassy handed over 40 ventilators to boost the country’s capacity to fight against the coronavirus (Covid-19). Prime Minister James Marape said that the ventilators would be distributed “on a need basis” across the country.[5] [1]

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