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Australian Pilot David John Cutmore, who crashed on the plane on the territory of Papua New Guinea (PNG), will face further police charges before his deportation to Australia. He was charged and fined K3, 000 by the Waigani Committal Court (Port Moresby) for illegally entering PNG. Police Commissioner David Manning told that there is a possibility the plane was transporting drugs as samples were found inside the aircraft. Investigations into the recent drug bust and the suspicious landing of the Australia Cessna 402 aircraft at Papa – Lealea village outside Port Moresby city has commenced, following orders from the Prime Minister of PNG Hon. James Marape. In turn, Commissioner Manning says that trade involves high ranking officers within the Royal PNG Constabulary other key government departments, Cutmore and five other Australian men who were charged by the Australian Federal Police. According to Mr. Manning, other charges will also be laid once investigations are complete. [1-2]

Subsequently, Police Commissioner David Manning said that PNG Police had confiscated a substantial amount of cocaine in Papa Lealea outside Port Moresby. According to Mr Manning, the 28 bags of cocaine weighing about 750 kilograms is valued at A$80 million or over K194 million. He said according to investigations the drug was to be flown out of the country on the mystery plane that landed outside of Papa Village last week. The drug bust by police is the biggest ever in the history of the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary to date. [3-4]

Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea Hon. James Marape has instructed police not to allow Australian pilot David John Cutmore out of the country until investigations into the botched attempt to transport more than 700kg of cocaine to Australia are completed. Mr Marape also added that the Government will «increase the penalty of drug traffickers to possibly life imprisonments or heavier penalties». [5] [1] https://kalangfm.com/news/australian-pilot-to-face-further-charges-before-deportation-870
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